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  Traffic and OVI Violations Offenses Laws Attorneys and Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio : George W. Leach Law Offices LLC,
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Traffic/OVI Offenses

Traffic Citations • Speeding Tickets • Stoplight Violations

Many people do not defend themselves when they have been pulled over and ticketed for a speeding offense or other traffic violations. In effect, they give up their right to defend themselves in court. Defending yourself when you have a ticket may lead to a dismissal of your charges, a lowering of your fines, reduction in the points placed on your driver's license, and possibly no increase in insurance rates. I am criminal defense attorney and I am committed to protecting the rights of motorists in Columbus and throughout Ohio. Contact me today to learn more about the criminal defense services I offer and you deserve.

For a free consultation, call Attorney Leach right away at (614) 224-7488. Or, if you prefer, send me an email and I will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Fight Your Speeding Ticket

Some people mistakenly believe that every speeding charge carries points with it. That is not the case. Sometimes through plea bargaining, your speed can be reduced to less than 5 mph over the posted limit in town (generally) or less than 10 mph over the posted limit on highways, which may allow you to avoid points entirely.

  Traffic and OVI Violations Offenses Laws Attorneys and Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio : George W. Leach Law Offices LLC,Your driving record is important. I will work to help you protect your record, reduce points, minimize your fines, retain your license, and keep your insurance premiums low. Do not wait to contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Let me help you fight your speeding ticket or other minor traffic offense.

Many people mistakenly believe the court will never take their word over the word of the ticketing officer. Consequently, they do not take steps to defend themselves against a ticket. I understand how traffic court works and how to challenge the officer's testimony. I am versed in the science and technology of the police radar, laser speed measuring devices, and know both the legal and scientific principles that are the fabric of traffic law.

The best way to avoid points is to have a knowledgeable and committed defense attorney prepared to defend you all the way. I strive to help clients understand their rights and how they can fight their speeding ticket or other violation.

I can assist you with any of the following:

  • DUI/OVI Charges
  • Driving Under Suspension
  • Driver's License Issues
  • Vehicular Homicides
  • Speeding Ticket Defense
  • Traffic Tickets: Traffic Violations, Traffic Laws, Traffic Lights
  • Stop Sign Violations

Your rights, your driving record, and your freedoms are important to you. My office will promptly return your telephone calls or e-mail messages and work hard to ensure that you receive a proper defense against the government. Do not wait to contact my office to begin building the defense in your case.


George W. Leach Law Offices, LLC, is a law office licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio. His office is in Columbus, OH. The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice, and your visit to this website does not create an attorney-client relationship with Attorney Leach. Please do not send us pictures or documents via email until after your consultation and we have had an opportunity to check for a conflict with a current or former client.

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  Traffic and OVI Violations Offenses Laws Attorneys and Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio : George W. Leach Law Offices LLC,